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a renowned Indian astrologer in and around the districts of Hyderabad, Rangareddy, and Prakasam, was born in Chirala- a town in Prakasam District, AP, India.

Nageswara Rao, once, happened to meet the 'legendary astrologer' and his 'Astro Guru'
to know about the horoscope of his Daughter. It was then when he received an offer from his Guru to assist him in his profession. This offer came like a boon to Nageswara Rao who was in search of a job to make a living. The job formed a basis for him, who already started developing interest to study the science of astrology, to see himself as an eminent astrologer.

Nageswara Rao has been practicing for over 18 Years at some leading sites in India. His approach to astrology is very scientific/mathematical and intuitive resulting in the predictions close to reality.

His tendency in helping people has made him devote his energies mainly towards astrological predictions and charitable activities. Half of the payment charged is utilized for the poor, hungry, and the destitute
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“Astrology is known as Jyotish Shastra-meaning the science of light- has been a standard reference to the astrologers of the world. Based on this science, millions of astrologers, in India and across the globe, predict things to the extreme accuracy levels. Astrology and its origin in India dates back to 4,000 years. The ancient system of astrology is known as Vedic astrology which is part of Vedas the ancient Hindu scripts. ”

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